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"Liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others." -- William Allen White

"No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation."
-- General Douglas MacArthur

"Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword." -- Julius Caesar


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Stand Up with the ACLU.

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Welcome to the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union!

Thursday, January 29th, 2015 6:30 - 8:30pm
King Public Library, Downtown San Jose
"Civil Rights in Silicon Valley - A Discussion with ACLU of Northern California Staff"

Article: Guantanamo Prison Detains Alleged Terrorists Indefinitely
by Catherine Connor

Article: National Defense Authorication Act
by Catherine Connor

Article: Bradley Manning Traitor or Whistleblower
by Catherine Connor

Thank you to our Don Edwards Award recipient:
Judge LaDoris H. Cordell,
San Jose Independent Police Auditor,
presented at our
Annual Meeting

Article: Who’s Listening In? - Electronic Surveillance in the USA
by Catherine Connor

Article: Pushing the DREAM Act Forward
by Catherine Connor

Article: Cell Phone Searches
Police Practices: California Allows Police to Search Cell Phones
by Julie Diamond

Article: Feeling, Thinking and Policing
Police Practices: Concerning Police Actions and Their Use of Force.
by Betsy Wolf-Graves

A Very Special Thanks to Santa Clara County Public Defender Mary Greenwood,
who provided an indepth look at her office at our Oct 16 Annual Meeting.

Thanks to all who attended the Don Edwards Award Celebration!
Congratulations to recipients Kathleen “Cookie” Ridolfi & Linda Starr
Directors of the Northern California Innocence Project
and to Kristen Richardson, 'Know Your dotRights' essay contest winner! Read her winning essay here.

Article: Solitary Confinement as Torture
What we might lose if the Military Commissions Act and other Special Administrative Measures continue to be implemented during the Obama administration.
by Betsy Wolf-Graves

A Few San Jose Police Used Force Repeatedly in Arrest Cases
A small number of San Jose police officers have used force repeatedly in cases in which resisting arrest is the primary charge, according to an investigative article by the San Jose Mercury News.

Santa Clara Valley ACLU Chapter Newsletter
Internet filtering at San Jose Libraries - Santa Clara County coalition to abolish the death penalty
Obama Scorecard - Leslie Bulbuk of BAYMEC to receive chapter’s Don Edwards Civil Liberties Award

California Places Lethal Injection Protocol on Fast Track
The CA Department of Corrections has released a new protocol for administering lethal injections. If this protocol is approved by Judge Jeremy Fogel, in San Jose, the state can go ahead with executions.
To view protocols: CDCR Link
We do not have very much time to make public comments as the window will close on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 at 5PM. A public hearing has been scheduled for June 30, 2009 from 9AM-3PM at the Auditorium of the Department of Health Services, 1500 Capitol Ave. Sacramento.
Related Articles: Mercury News | Sacramento Bee | ACLU

Unchecked Government Surveillance
Over the last few years, the federal government has returned to the bad old days of unchecked spying on ordinary Americans, as part of a broad pattern of executive abuses that use "national security" as an excuse for encroaching on our privacy and free speech rights without adequate - or any - judicial oversight.

Under A Watchful Eye
Under the Watchful Eye: The Proliferation of Video Surveillance Systems in California, Executive Summary

“Window to Civil Liberty”
1st Annual Bill of Rights Santa Clara Valley ACLU Digital Photo and Essay Contest 2008-2009 PDF format "Know Your Rights: What to do if Questioned by Police, FBI, Customs Agents, or Immigration Officers". Additional versions are available in Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Farsi, and Somali. [If you need the viewer for this file format, go to Adobe Acrobat Reader.]

Our Mission:
The ACLU works to preserve and guarantee the Bill of Rights for all, through litigation, public education, organizing, lobbying and legislation. Protecting freedom of expression, the right to privacy, and the right to be free of discrimination are fundamental goals of the ACLU.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is our nation's guardian of liberty. The ACLU works in the courts, legislatures, and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all people in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

The American system of government is founded on two counterbalancing principles: that the majority of the people governs, through democratically elected representatives; and that the power even of a democratic majority must be limited, to ensure individual rights.

The ACLU and its members are deeply engaged in protecting our fundamental freedoms, from building momentum for Patriot Act reform, to leading the charge on free speech, reproductive rights, accountability for government-sanctioned torture, and religious liberty, including challenges to "intelligent design" in our children's classrooms.

As a visitor to our website, you are already interested in the battles we are fighting and winning. Today, we face unprecedented challenges, and our 500,000 members are more important than ever in helping to preserve the liberties we all hold dear.

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