Thank you for your interest in doing volunteer work for the ACLU of Northern California or its Santa Clara Valley chapter.

If you are interested in an internship, fellowship or volunteer work with the ACLU of Northern California, please visit the following Web pages for details. Unless stated otherwise, this type of work is usually conducted in the San Francisco office.




If you are interested in receiving training for a Know Your Rights (KYR) workshop so that you can deliver a KYR presentation to your community groups (churches, schools, etc.), please do the following.


  1. Note that the ACLU of Northern California is revising its KYR materials. Training is expected to be provided around the end of April 2018. The Santa Clara Valley chapter has not received information about the exact date(s) yet.
  2. Contact a SCV chapter board member, e.g. using http://acluscv.org/contact so that we can inform you when a training session is available.
  3. Meanwhile, browse through the following Web sites to familiarize yourself with the various Know Your Rights topics.

If you want to participate in advocacy work in general, please do the following.

  1.  Contact a SCV chapter board member, e.g. using http://acluscv.org/contact
  2. Sign up for action alerts from national ACLU: https://www.aclu.org/action
  3. Sign up for updates and action alerts from ACLU-NC on the upper right corner of the Web page https://www.aclunc.org
  4. Subscribe to the SCV chapter’s mailing list: http://acluscv.org/mailing-list
  5. Visit ACLU-NC’s “Take Action” page: https://www.aclunc.org/get-involved/take-action
  6. Visit SCV chapter’s “Take Action” page: http://acluscv.org/take-action

If you want to monitor the agenda items of local government meetings for issues related to civil liberties, please contact the SCV chapter board at http://acluscv.org/contact for suggestions.


If you want to participate in any of the following campaigns, please read the corresponding Web page for details.

  1. Meet Your DA campaign

District attorneys (DAs) are more than just prosecutors. The district attorney’s job is to seek justice in criminal cases, work to prevent crime, and serve as a leader in the diverse communities he or she represents. The DA is also an elected official. Learn more about your DA from the following Web page.


Consider hosting a house party to spread the knowledge. The “Vote for DA House Party training” will be provided in the form of a Webinar on April 24. For more details and to register for the training, please visit:



2. Advocating for money bail reform (SB 10) 

Every year, California keeps thousands of people in jail before they get their day in court – all because they can’t afford to post bail and buy their freedom. Meanwhile, the bail industry lines its pockets with money from people already struggling to make ends meet.

  • Sign a petition to ask your California legislators to pass bail reform (SB 10) in 2018.


  • Increase the awareness of your community members by showing them (in the form of screening) the film “Bail Trap”, produced by Brave New Films. Use the following Web page to request a screening and ask for the ACLU version of the film.


  • If you plan to distribute SB 10 materials (pamphlets, flyers, postcards, etc.) in a community event or meeting, please contact the SCV chapter board at http://acluscv.org/contact to request a "bulk order" of the materials.


3. Letters to the Editors Rapid Response Network 

If you are interested in joining this network to respond quickly to newspaper articles related to criminal justice, please contact the SCV chapter board at http://acluscv.org/contact for more information.



4. Advocating for SB 1421: right to know about serious uses of force and proven police misconduct

Please read the community fact sheet for details.



5. Voting rights

Please contact the SCV chapter board at http://acluscv.org/contact .