Free the Vote! ACA 6

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 6 (ACA 6) would:

- restore voting rights to nearly 50,000 Californian’s on parole.

- eliminate a system that operates as “taxation without representation,” which is antithetical to the founding of this country.

- eliminate another barrier that is set in place to intentionally disenfranchise people of color

Status of ACA 6 as of Feb 2, 2020:

- Passed the floor of the State Assembly with 2/3 majority vote

- Currently in the State Senate (the Senate Rules Committee)

- Must pass the floor of the Senate by June 25th in order to be placed on the November 2020 ballot

ACLU of California is a co-sponsor of ACA 6, and a member of the Free the Vote coalition.

To take action:

(1) Send a message to your State Senator urging him or her to vote "yes" on ACA 6.

(2) Visit  for more action items and volunteer opportunities.