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National ACLU 10x10 Join the Fight

Will you join THE FIGHT?  Ten things you can do to help advance civil liberties.  (Posted: 8/2/2020)

Actions related to federal government

Take Action!  Tell the Biden administration to take bold measures in these civil liberties areas:  (New: 02/20/2021)

Take Action!   Reparations for slavery now!  Send a message to your members of Congress urging them to support H.R. 40.  (Posted: 12/04/2020)

Take Action!  Tell Congress to stop face surveillance technology.  (Posted: 06/25/2020)

Take Action! Tell Congress to end police militarization and over-policing in our communities now.  (Posted: 06/09/2020)


Actions related to California state government

Take Action!  Tell Governor Newsom and state leaders to support counselors and the arts, not cops and arrests. (New: 12/16/2020)

Take Action!  Tell Governor Newsom to strengthen reproductive care for people in California's jails.  (Posted: 09/01/2020)


Actions related to local government

Take Action!  Sign on to a community letter written by the Silicon Valley De-Bug and San Jose Families Impacted by Police Violence to ask the San Jose City Council to defund San Jose Police Department budget and invest in our community.  (Posted: 06/11/2020)

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