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Actions related to federal government

Take Action!  Ask your U.S. Representative to cosponsor the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act to protect pregnant workers’ rights. (Posted: 01/12/2020)

Actions related to California state government

Take Action!  Join the Free the Vote campaign to re-enfranchise people who are on parole.  (New: 02/02/2020)

Take Action! Free the Vote in California!  Ask your California Senator to pass  ACA 6 to re-enfranchise people who are on parole.  (Posted: 01/12/2020)

Take Action!  Submit public comments before Feb 21 to tell the University of California that it should not engage in any affiliations that subject its providers, staff, or patients to religious restrictions on health care, and that it should reject Option 1 as presented in the Working Group on Comprehensive Access (WGCA) Chair’s report.  (New: 02/02/2020)

Actions related to local government

No quarry on Mutsun sacred grounds! Ask your Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors to protect and preserve Mutsun cultural heritage by rejecting the proposed Sargent Quarry Project.  (Posted: 01/12/2020)

Other actions

Please join the ACLU of Northern California at our annual, in-person Training for Change Makers to build skills, network with like-minded people, and learn how you can take local actions on critical civil liberties issues.

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