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Actions related to federal government

While the verdict on former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on all charges in the murder of George Floyd is a small gain for police accountability, the systems that allowed a police officer to take Mr. Floyd's life remain fully intact. Take action by urging the Biden Administration to support and issue guidance on common-sense, community-based, and civilian-led solutions nationwide. (New: 04/21/2021)

Take Action!  Tell Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.  (Posted: 03/28/2021)

Take Action!  Tell President Biden and the Senate to protect the Post Office.  (Posted: 03/28/2021)

Take Action!  Tell the Biden administration to take bold measures in these civil liberties areas:  (Posted: 02/20/2021)

Take Action!   Reparations for slavery now!  Send a message to your members of Congress urging them to support H.R. 40.  (Posted: 12/04/2020)


Actions related to California state government

Ensure public meetings are accessible for all. Ask your Assemblymember to vote “yes” on AB 339.  (Updated: 05/26/2021)

Ensure Racial Justice for All. Ask your Assemblymember to vote “yes” on AB 256.  (Updated: 05/26/2021)

Keep abusive cops out of our community. Ask your ASSEMBLYMEMBER to vote “yes” on SB 2. (The Senate just passed SB 2.)  (New: 05/26/2021)

Promote menstrual equity for all.  Ask your Assemblymember to vote yes on AB 367.  (New: 05/26/2021)

Fund alternatives to police for emergency response.  Ask your Assemblymember to vote yes on the CRISES Act, AB 118.  (New: 05/26/2021)

Abolish unjust fees for all Californians.  Ask your State Senator to vote yes on SB 586.  (New: 05/26/2021)


Actions related to local government


Other actions

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