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Actions related to federal government

Take Action! Ask your U.S. Senators to pass the Electoral Count Reform Act.  (posted 12/05/2022)

Take Action! Tell Congress to end racist sentencing disparities now.  (posted 12/05/2022)

Take Action! Tell Congress to pass the Fourth Amendment is Not For Sale Act, which would require the government to secure a court order before buying our cell phone location data from data brokers.  (posted 12/05/2022)


Actions related to California state government

Take Action! Protect abortion seekers;  stop reverse warrants.  Send a message to your State Senator to ask him/her to vote "yes" on AB 793.  (New: 06/10/2023)

Actions related to local government

Every year cities and counties make important decisions about how local dollars are spent, often with little input from the community.  These decisions include the size of police budgets, investments in housing, mental health services, and others.  ACLU-NorCal is launching the Local Budget Justice Campaign to advocate for local budgets that reflect our values and lead to better investments in our communities.  Please sign up to get involved with the Local Budget Justice Campaign. (new: 05/19/2023)


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