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Actions related to federal government

Take Action!  Tell Congress to end forced labor in prisons.  (New:  07/03/2022)

Take Action!   Reparations for slavery now!  Send a message to your members of Congress urging them to support H.R. 40.  (Revised: 07/03/2022)


Actions related to California state government


Support the following proposed state laws:

    1. SCA10 would spell out the rights to access abortion and contraception in our state Constitution, further solidifying existing privacy and equal protection guarantees.
    2. AB2223 would ensure that no one in California is investigated, prosecuted, or incarcerated for ending a pregnancy or experiencing a pregnancy loss.
    3. AB2085 would clarify that poverty is not “neglect” and should never trigger mandatory reporting to the family regulation system.
    4. AB 2199, the Birthing Justice for California Families Pilot Project, would advance birth equity by funding doulas to work with communities who suffer from high rates of negative birth outcomes, including people in jails.


Actions related to local government



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