Actions related to the murder of George Floyd and defunding the police:

  1. Familiarize yourself with Know Your Rights (protest/demonstration) and post the video to your social media: https://www.facebook.com/aclu/videos/923710174735759
  2. Tell Congress to end police militarization and over-policing in our communities. https://action.aclu.org/send-message/congress-end-police-militarization-and-over-policing-our-communities-now
  3. Sign on to a community letter written by the Silicon Valley De-bug and San Jose Families Impacted by Police Violence to ask the San Jose City Council to defund San Jose Police Department budget and invest in our community. (Santa Clara Valley chapter signed on as a chapter.) https://www.change.org/p/mayor-sam-liccardo-defund-sjpd-invest-in-community
  4. Connect with the Black or Brown-led organizations in the community through their email newsletters or social media. It is important that we take the lead from folks who are most impacted by police violence and the racist impacts of policing.

Actions related to COVID-19:

  1. Tell Congress that COVID-19 relief must include incarcerated people. https://action.aclu.org/send-message/tell-congress-covid-19-relief-must-include-incarcerated-people
  2. Urge Congress to expand voting access during COVID-19. https://action.aclu.org/send-message/congress-expand-voting-access-during-covid-19
  3. Call your Sheriff to ask him or her to commit to not unnecessarily subjecting vulnerable communities to an increased risk of contracting COVID-19. https://action.aclu.org/webform/call-your-sheriff

Current campaigns:

(1) Surveillance technology ordinance:  Follow the development in the San Jose Smart Cities and Service Improvements Committee, attend committee meetings and provide public inputs as necessary.

Apply to be a Know Your Rights trainer! If you’re extra-confident with your public speaking or have a background in teaching, this could be the right opportunity for you. Learn more and apply here.

If you are interested in an internship, fellowship or volunteer work with the ACLU of Northern California, please visit the following Web pages for details.




If you want to participate in advocacy work in general, please do the following.

  1. Sign up for action alerts from national ACLU: https://www.aclu.org/action
  2. Sign up for updates and action alerts from ACLU-NC on the upper right corner of the Web page https://www.aclunc.org
  3. Subscribe to the SCV chapter’s mailing list: https://acluscv.org/mailing-list
  4. Visit ACLU-NC’s “Take Action” page: https://www.aclunc.org/get-involved/take-action
  5. Visit SCV chapter’s “Take Action” page: https://acluscv.org/take-action

If you want to monitor the agenda items of local government meetings for issues related to civil liberties, please contact the SCV chapter board at https://acluscv.org/contact for suggestions.

ACLU Peoplepower: https://map.peoplepower.org/  (Please enter your zip code in the Web page to limit your search.  The Web page is for the entire U.S.)   This is a platform maintained by the national ACLU where ACLU supporters can post events to attend or civic engagement activities to participate in, e.g. postcard writing, voter registration drive, townhall meeting, etc.